2019 Pod Design


There are removable side panels to give complete access to the cabinet interior along with a removable panel at the rear of the cabinet to give further access to the coffee machine.

The curved top section accommodates back lighting for the branded display and three LED down lighters. The entire top section is easily removable should height be an issue for access to the My Coffee Station site. The power distribution board is mounted inside the cabinet.

A brushed stainless steel work top provides a wipe-clean, hygienic surface on which the user prepares their drink and adds condiments. A brushed stainless steel waste chute to a concealed bin below is accessed from the front to dispose of condiment wrappers and stirrers.

The receptacles for sugar, stirrers and sip lids are positioned to the side of the coffee machine and are easily accessed by the user and the operative for replenishment.

Spring loaded cup and sip-lid dispensers are conveniently placed immediately below the serving area. The lower section of the cabinet is accessed through two lockable doors. This section houses the Brita water filter and waste bin. It also provides storage space for cleaning materials.

The cabinet has full My Coffee Station branding in high gloss polycarbonate.

We have a full range of supporting POS material for inside or outside your premises. These can display the My Coffee Station message or pictures and script of your choice.

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The Profit Maker

The rapidly growing trend towards ‘grab and go’ coffee and snacks is an opportunity too great to ignore. In addition to the primary revenue created, the additional footfall creates tremendous opportunities for spin-off impulse sales.

My Coffee Station can move your outlet into this market without capital outlay and with a fully managed service. Your staff are free to run the retail operation without the need for training on coffee equipment. We also alleviate the constant programme of re-training caused by the inevitable staff churn rate.

The profit share scheme ensures that you makes a return from the very first cup of coffee purchased without a period of equipment cost amortisation.

Exceptional Service

The majority of our installations take place out of office hours allowing you to continue normal operations. Our engineers will liaise with on-site contractors, advising on plumbing and electrical requirements.

We don’t just deliver your machine, we plan to ensure that the whole process from delivery to installation runs as smoothly as possible and in compliance with health and safety regulations.

Our process starts with an on-site visit by an engineer who establishes accessibility to the building and to the area where the equipment will be placed.

Sustainable Cups

Looking after the environment is essential to provide for future generations. Our cup manufacturing process uses a principle region in Scandinavia for board supply and now has over 50% more trees than they did 50 years ago. Certificated sustainable raw material supplies only are used in our cup products.

Our suppliers also innovated in the use of water based inks in paper cup printing, over fifteen years ago and remain one of the few suppliers that can boast this benefit for customers.

Our supplier’s custom print service allows us to communicate with our customers in order to reinforce our message and maximise consumer brand recognition. With their six colour printing technology, we can take our personalised message to the consumer in even more exciting and innovative ways. The My Coffee Station quality hot cup replaces the need for ‘double cupping’, the use of sleeves or jackets and wrapping with napkins.